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Always Improving

At VegasWifi, our technologists and engineers are constantly working to improve our service and make a better experience for our customers. With our upgraded, fiber-backed network, you’ll enjoy:

  • Faster uploading for picture sharing
  • Less time loading and buffering
  • Quick and easy email checking and web searching

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Free Over the Air Local TV Service

VegasWifi is proud to Free TV Service to meet all of your digital television needs. VegasWiFi is now offering free TV service which gives you an incredible quality TV service at an even more incredible price. Free Local TV stations are currently broadcasting off of mountain tops surrounding the Las Vegas Valley and just required to have an antenna installed at your home to be able to pick up these Free Channels.

  • Watch live and recorded TV for Free
  • One time charge for an antenna installed on your roof and get free TV for life.
  • You can even install a DVR and record your shows for watching at a later time.
  • Full HD quality is broadcasting on most Channels for free

[1] TV Channel Selection will be based on your antenna signal and distance from the TV Broadcasting site.

All offers require credit qualification, 24-month commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay
<p>TV &amp; Internet Bundle</p>

TV & Internet Bundle

You Get:High-Speed Internet, Unlimited Phone, and Free TV all at one low price


A short but informative description of the product
Price: $100.00


A short but informative description of the product
Price: $100.00

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